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Into the mystiC


This is the sign you've been looking for...


Open to the magic and mystery.  It's time to reclaim; re-wild and recharge - Harness your instincts, own your intuition and tap into your desires.  Your deepest wisdom is longing to be heard.  Unleash it, and set yourself free.


Ritual Oils

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allow beauty to put you in touch with the wisdom of your senses and the blessings of your spirit


Each class is a unique offering that will draw you in through movement, music, oils, reiki and breath.  Spend time unwinding the tensions of everyday life in order to experience yourself as pure cosmic energy.


You never know what will unfold when you enter the portal to deeper self-inquiry.  Adventurers welcome, seekers encouraged, light workers and magic makers, you know your intuition led you here.  Time to feel, to risk, to rise...


Let us surround you with beauty.  Ancient practices and wisdom for authentic healing, deep restoration and energetic alignment.   

Spirit is calling.  Answer that call. 


Spirit Journeys

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