Crystals: Heart Healer

Healing the Heart crystal selection by Dominique Tirado

Chrysoprase is a heart healer. It promotes acceptance and healing. It aids in time of depression and anxiety. It reminds you of a deeper love for yourself and what is around you. The things you neglect in your day to day life are brought to surface in different ways so that you see what it is you are hindering yourself from. It shows you your pain, your fear, and your heart; then it heals you from there. This is one of my favorite heart healers. This stone brought me back to my mother. While meditating with this stone I was brought through a truth with all I was pushing out of my life. Realizing all I was pushing out, resisting. In so many ways I was denying myself of love, my passions, happiness. This stone brought about so many truths within myself and reminded me of a deeper love outside of myself, as well as the deeper love I crave within myself. Working with chrysoprase allowed me to open my heart to others, and open my heart to myself. To love myself and my surroundings without guilt and without resistance.  

Dominique Tirado, also known as Violet Feather is a Certified Crystal Healer and does private customized crystal healing sessions, chakra cleansing and alignment, awakening the kundalini, past life recall, and distance healing She is a lover of the beautiful, transforming, and self-identifying healing powers of crystals.

Michele Vinbury