Japa Ajapa Meditation

Hamsa Mantra
Some may know this practice as SoHum.  Hamsa is from the Shaivite tradition and Sohum the Upanishadic tradition. “The meditative text Vijnanabhairava describes each round of breath as an automatic repetition of the mantra “hamsa” – Keller. This is type of meditation is known as japa ajapa.

Find a position that your body can be comfortably still for the next 5 minutes.  Breath naturally, on the inhalation silently repeat “Ham” and on the exhalation, silently repeat “Sa”.  When the mind wanders, as it is likely to do, gently bring attention back to the breath and the mantra.

·       The syllable Ham vibrates with the experience “I AM” – inhalation

·       The syllable Sa vibrates with the expansive experience “That” – exhalation

-Michele Vinbury


Breath + Mantra 

Calms the Mind

Michele Vinbury