How to Smudge

 “I love the idea of bringing the forest inside, allowing the sweet + earthy smoke to help cultivate the spirit of wandering, wisdom & home.”  Smudge sticks are used to clarify energy and can be used for meditation, intention setting, ceremonies or clearing energy in general.  Over time, it can become a way for you to signal to your body, mind, spirit and family that your energy and attention is moving from everyday tasks to a different, perhaps sacred, space. 

Mugwart is a powerful plant for women.  It’s said to enhance dreams, help balance cycles and keep negativity at bay.  It is the sacred plant of the goddesses Diana and Artemis. – The Local Rose  White sage is known for taking away negative energy, and you can include juniper which is thought to bring in positive energy.  

How to:

1.  Gather Smudge stick, matches and a fireproof container (sea shells work)

2.  Light the smudge stick either with matches, or use the flame of a candle

3.  Wave the smudge stick around, letting the smoke swirl around you.

4.  Fan the smoke around and over you

5.  Extinguish the smudge stick in the fireproof container or water.

I like to add dried flowers, lavender and herbs to add color and meaning to my smudge sticks – try rosemary, thyme or mugwart!

-Michele Vinbury

Michele Vinbury