Intention Setting Ritual

Manifest Your Heart's Deepest Desire

Here’s what you’ll need:

15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time

Space to sit or lie down



Ritual Oil

2 Pieces of paper and pen


Citrine crystal – connects you to the third chakra, summoning will-power or

Clear Quartz – amplifies the energy of your intention

Journal (optional)

Any other props that feel important to creating a peaceful, comfortable space (pictures, found objects, etc.)

To Begin

You might start with a chant to mark a transition into this space.  Om works well.

Light a candle.  The light symbolic of the light, the spark, the perfection within you.

Use the Ritual Oil that most closely aligns with the energy of your intention.

Ground.  Perhaps simply feel where your body is making contact with the surface beneath it. IF you’d like more, you could close the eyes and visualize roots extending beneath you, growing down into the cool, receptive strength of the earth.  Touch into a sense of density, stability, connection, the feeling of being supported.

 Light the incense

Once lit, wave the smoke around the space and around your body to cleanse and clear.

Intention Setting

Feeling yourself rooted and grounded, let the eyes close.  Notice that you are breathing.  Count your exhalations down from 11 to 1. 

Begin to feel into your heart.  Feel or imagine a warmth there, a glow. 

For 5 breaths, imagine you could breathe into your heart.  Each inhalation breathing into the warmth there, each exhalation feel or imagine the warmth, the glow expanding outward.

When you feel ready, ask yourself –

·       What do I wish to attract for myself and my life in May?

·       What do I want this month to feel like? Or

·       What am I ready to receive?

As much as possible, allow thoughts and images to bubble up without filtering or judging. 

Without analyzing – take your paper and write down a list of the thoughts, words, images that came to you.  When this feels complete, let the eyes close again and return to the breath for a few minutes.  When you’re ready to open your eyes, do so and look at the list, circle the things that feel most important.

Writing your intention

Keep it simple.  Pick one or two main things to focus on.

Write it in the present tense:  I eat whole healthy foods as a form of self.  I practice with ease and attention to stability.  I move from the center of a wide open heart.  I stay with the breath in my practice.  I connect with two new people in every class, etc.

Keep them positive.  Rather than saying – I will not injure my shoulder, you might write, I will make choices that are healthy for my shoulders. 

Let it be authentic.  Use your own words.  And if it doesn’t feel right, you can absolutely start over - do it again until something that feels just right takes form – a hell yeah!   

Keeping it Alive

The citrine crystal or quartz can serve as a token of this intentions setting – a symbol of your intention and a call to your courage and will power.  Great to keep in your pocket or purse as a reminder of your commitment.

Write your intention on a few pieces of paper – put them where you will see them!  On your fridge, on your car speedometer, in your purse or pocket.  Make sure to place one at your bedside table.  Read it every night before going to bed, and then again when you wake in the morning.  As you go through the month, taking classes, let it be the intention you set at the beginning of each practice…and watch all the wonderful ways it begins to unfold in your life.


What’s so special about an intention?  Whereas goals and resolutions are derived from the mind…an intention originates from the heart.  In yoga we call the intention Sankalpa, which basically means a vow born from the wisdom of the heart.  Yogis believe that at our core, we are all already perfect.  The Sankalpa arises from this place, from this deep knowing, so that in setting an intention, we are not trying to fix some perceived imperfection or to change something we see in ourselves as unworthy.  What we are doing, is touching into the energetic heart, a place in us that knows our wholeness and perfection, and from this place, creating moment-to-moment choices that honor the truth of who we are. 


Michele Vinbury