Release Ritual

We have all heard that what we resist persists.  And it's true!  If you're doing this ritual to throw away some part of yourself that you don't like, or wish wasn't there - it is not going to work.  Many times the parts of ourselves that we find most challenging, are the areas that have the greatest gifts to offer.  (Pain in the a$$ we know!!)  If you try to get rid of something that you haven't fully felt or dealt with, it's going to be like a boomerang that disappears and then comes back around to whack you (likely when you least expect it.)

So why a release ritual?  There are times in our lives when we can clearly see worn out patterns, dysfunctional cycles, tired relationships.  We've done the work, taken responsibility for our part in them, and we're ready to let them go.  The symbolic cutting of ties can be hugely powerful and extremely beneficial.  We release with appreciation for the lessons they've taught us and acknowledge that we're ready to move on.  

To Begin

·       You might start with a chant to mark a transition into this space.  3 OMs do the trick.

·       Light a candle.  The light symbolic of the light, the spark, the perfection within you.

·       Ground.  Perhaps simply feel where your body is making contact with the surface beneath it. IF you’d like more, you could close the eyes and visualize roots extending beneath you, growing down into the cool, receptive strength of the earth.  Touch into a sense of density, stability, connection, the feeling of being supported.  Take your ritual oil and apply it to your feet.  

Once grounded you can begin.  On a piece of paper complete this sentence, “If I could release 1 thing, it would be….”  Remember that this is for your eyes only, the more honest you can be, the more complete the release will be.  Write knowing that no one else needs to see or read it.  If it feels helpful, you might spend some time here, writing down anything that feels important.

When you feel finished, write:  “With gratitude and compassion for everything involved, I release, I release I release.”

Take just a moment to sit with that, and then fold the paper in half.

Complete the process by tearing up or (safely) burning the piece of paper.  Feel, or imagine feeling, a weight lift as the release ritual is complete.  If it doesn't feel like a weight has lifted as the paper burns, repeat the process until there is no residue left.  

-Michele Vinbury

Michele Vinbury