Full Moon – Celebrate Abundance

Review how your month is going – are you aligning your energy so that you’re experiencing optimal flow? Do you need to make any adjustments to the plan?  

Take a moment to write down some ways you’ve kicked azz already this month!  Write down a few victories large and/or small.  






Write down any ways that abundance has already made its way into your life:






Full moon is a great time to feel into the abundance that is already present in your life.  Gratitude and kindness are forces for powerful magic!! Feel into this with a simple breath practice.

Acknowledge your surroundings as sacred space.  Use your cleansing spray to clear the energy and then perhaps pray yourself with your Align or Amplify Aura Spray or swirl a few drops of the Mystic, Anjali or the Muse into your palms and begin the breath practice with three long smooth breaths to experience their essence.  Light your Full Moon Intention Ritual Candle.  As you gaze into the flame of the candle welcome in your guides and teachers, asking that this time together put you on a path that will serve the greatest good.  Let the energy of the candle infuse the space you’re in with the vibration of gratitude and inner illumination.

ABUNDANCE BREATH - Inhale Retention.

Find a place where you can be comfortable and uninterrupted for 15-20 minutes.  Let your body settle.  Notice what you’re bringing into the practice with you today (thoughts, aches, pains, joys, emotions, etc.)  Begin to notice your breath.  If at any time the following practice causes stress or tension in your body, heart or mind, let it go and simply return to your natural breath.

At some point let your attention join with your inhalations.  Exhalations happen, no big deal.  Attention then saturates the inhalation.  Follow the inhalation all the way to the top…see how a pause may appear.  A natural retention, a natural rest.  You could stay here, or if it feels alright, gently invite (do not force) the retention to lengthen.  Perhaps gently holding the breath for a count of 2, 3 or 4 before you let it gently glide out.  Stay away from holds that cause strain, gripping or freak out.  Keep this gentle.

When it feels right, during the pause, notice the fullness in your body.  Inhaling to a comfortable fullness, pause and acknowledge the abundance that is already present.  As you exhale feel or imagine waves of gratitude sailing out of your nostrils and body. Inhale, welcoming in what is, pause, feel the fullness, the abundance, the light – like little glowing fireflies dancing in your body, exhale, gratitude sails out of you into the world. Continue this phase of the practice until it feels complete.

Place both palms on your heart-center and offer gratitude and thanks for the gift of your breath and any energy and/or insights your may have received.  Know that powerful energy and alignments are taking place, even if you can’t feel or perceive them on the physical level.  Come back to your eyes-open experience of the space you’re in and feel free to journal about your meditation and what blessings you’re ready to receive and/or simply return to your day.  Feel free to repeat this practice as much as feels right over the next week.