New Moon – Planting the Seeds

During the New Moon, set aside 20-40 minutes to explore your heartfelt longings and to affirm or re-affirm your intentions.  Dedicate this time with the spacious energy of the new moon to plant intentions for the coming month.  Acknowledge your surroundings as sacred space.  Use your cleansing spray to clear the energy and then perhaps spray yourself with your Align or Amplify Aura Spray.  Light some incense and your New Moon Intention Ritual Candle.  As you gaze into the flame of the candle and the dark wax around it, welcome in your guides and teachers and ask that this time together put you on a path that will serve the greatest good.  Let the energy of the candle infuse the space you’re in with the vibration of possibility and higher sight.

Allow your body to find a comfortable seated or reclined position.  Feeling yourself rooted and grounded, let the eyes close.  Notice that you are breathing.  Count your exhalations down from 11 to 1.  

Have the felt sense of your attention moving from your head down into your heart. Begin to feel into your heart. Feel or imagine a warmth there, a glow. 

For 5 -10 breaths, imagine you could breathe the soft, warm glow of the candle’s flame into your heart. Each inhalation breathing into the warmth there, each exhalation feel or imagine the warmth, the glow expanding outward.

When you feel ready, ask yourself one of the following questions (or a different question that feels just right):

What do I wish to attract for myself and my life? Or

What am I ready to learn? Or

How can I best grow into better alignment/more harmony with my purpose? Or 

What am I ready to receive?

As much as possible, allow thoughts and images to bubble up without filtering or judging.  

Without analyzing – take a paper and write down a list of the thoughts, words, images that are coming to you.  When this feels complete, let your eyes close again and return to the breath for a few minutes.  

When you’re ready to open your eyes, do so and look at your writing, circling anything that feels important.  It might almost feel as though the “right” words lift up off the page or shimmer a bit. When you’re done, gently close your eyes again, place your hands over your heart.  Take a few rounds of breath here and ground, feeling the places where your body is in contact with the surface beneath it.  Offer gratitude to whatever energies and insights are moving through you and are making themselves known.  

In your own time, allow your eyes to open again.

Look at the words you’ve just circled.  What feels electric?  What’s making you feel excited – an internal HELL YEAH!  Choose to move in the direction of your hell yeah – as you feel into it, decide what you would like to set as your intentions for the next 28 day moon cycle.  Write it down – let the language be authentic.  Use your own words.  If it doesn’t feel right when you do it the first time, you can absolutely start over – write an intention again and keep kneading the language until something that feels just right takes form – an intention that feels like an absolute hell yeah!

Once you have your intention set, take a few moments to write down 2 or 3 small concrete things can you do this month to move yourself into alignment with this vision.  Keep these steps doable, measurable and time bound. And then write down 1-2 people with whom you’ll share these small steps so they can keep you accountable.

Place your intention on your bedside table so you can read, affirm and/or review them each morning and/or evening. By placing your attention repeatedly on your intentions, it gives them energy to grow!